Allen has extensive front-line experience in the financial and insurance market, keeping abreast of market trends and providing first-hand information.


Mark is currently the managing director of Yongfeng Financial Asset Management.

is known for his objective and pertinent comments and philosophical thinking, rich trading experience, familiar with the relationship between stocks and foreign exchange bonds, good at asset allocation to balance risk and return, and good timing for stock selection. Its magazine fund positions have been traded for many years with low risk and low risk. Outperforming the market by dozens of percentage points has attracted attention; in 2014, he was awarded the best Hong Kong stock strategy analyst by CICC Online.

Mark used to be a co-director of Xincheng Securities. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from CUHK and a master’s degree in economics from the University of Hong Kong. He specializes in behavioural finance trading strategies and is well versed in investor psychology.



Jasper has been in the financial market for more than 28 years. He has insight into the market trends of foreign exchange, futures and precious metal commodities, and has unique insights.

He has successively served in several important positions in Hong Kong listed financial institutions and foreign banks. He is currently the chief investment strategist of Aide Securities and Futures. In addition, he is frequently interviewed by the local media and serves as a guest of investment seminars and course lecturer. His personal books include “36 Investment Strategies”.


Charles Schwab is a co-director of Finance. He graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University in his early years, majoring in Chinese journalism, minoring in religion and philosophy, and later obtained a master’s degree in finance (investment management) from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Before joining the securities industry, he has more than ten years of media work experience. He has worked as a producer and host for Digital Radio (DBC), NowTV and Metro Radio. Shows such as “Full Time”, “Trading Hours”, “Global Finance Express” and “Finance Wrap Up”.

is currently writing articles on the stock market in a number of media, including “Oriental Daily”, “Hong Kong Stocks Strategy King”, “AASTOCK”, “Metro Daily”, etc., and also serves as a guest host of electronic media. Chen Zhengshen is good at analyzing the flow of funds and using its CATS analysis framework to examine the situation of Hong Kong stocks and make the most appropriate deployment for the investment portfolio from the perspective of balancing risks and returns.


The current director of the research department of Future Securities, a new generation of stock commentator, the number of fans on the Facebook page is as high as 13,000!

Stevan is the author of the best-selling investment book “Better Skills” and a guest lecturer in the EMBA program of Tongji University in Shanghai. He is proficient in the China and Hong Kong stock markets, and has insights into gold, foreign exchange, bond markets and monetary policy.


Stanley is good at global political and economic analysis and the discovery of high-quality potential stocks. He also has some experience in dismantling the financial technology of listed companies. In addition, there are in-depth studies on individual sectors such as mainland telecommunications, resource stocks, environmental protection and oil and gas equipment.

Stanley has more than 15 years of experience in financial markets and analysis. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business computer system management from Victoria University, Australia. He has worked in the media of China and Hong Kong and worked in financial market research and analysis in Emperor Securities. He joined Yaocai in 2010 Securities, the current director of the research department, mainly engaged in the research work of local listed companies, as well as the company’s lecture speaker.

In addition to writing regular columns in “Sing Pao”, Stanley also regularly serves as a guest host for Now TV Finance Channel, Wireless HD Channel, and Metro Digital Finance Channel.



Ivan (李聲揚) is currently the director of DBS Qualcomm Securities. He was the head of the research department of SinoPac Securities (Asia) and the market strategist of Tung Shing Securities.

I write market reports every day, analyze various listed companies in Hong Kong, and regularly participate in investment seminars hosted by the company.

Ivan used to be a trader in the treasury department of a Chinese bank, and then worked as a deputy head of the research department at a foreign brokerage, focusing on banking and insurance stocks. In the 2009 STARMINE analyst selection hosted by Tomson Reuters, it ranked sixth among all China and Hong Kong analysts.

Ivan graduated from the Actuarial Department of the University of Hong Kong, holds a master’s degree in financial mathematics from the University of Warwick, and holds a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification.


Although Daniel focuses on the China and Hong Kong stock markets, he is equally knowledgeable about global economic markets and different asset classes.

has its own set of methods for analyzing market changes, searching for “legacy from the sea” in the sea of stocks, and capturing investment opportunities.

Daniel has been in the financial market for ten years. He has served as an analyst and portfolio manager in a financial advisory company. He is currently a strategist in the research department of CMB International and holds a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification. He often serves as a guest of Chinese and foreign financial programs, writes columns, and regularly serves as a guest of investment seminars in the Mainland, and is familiar with the mentality of Mainland investors.


One of the guest hosts of the Internet programs “Hong Kong Stock Times” and “Hong Kong Stocks Deployment”.

Currently is the person in charge of Hongpeng Capital Securities. He graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Science in Investment Science in the Department of Applied Mathematics and holds a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification.

Edward has more than ten years of investment and trading experience. He has worked as a trader in banks and Chinese financial institutions. He is familiar with Hong Kong securities market trading. He focuses on securities research and analysis. He is active in the IPO market and has great experience in global market analysis. Good at discovering investment value through basic analysis and data processing.

is also sharing trading strategies and market analysis on different platforms such as “Qua Fortune Finance Network” and “Stock Market Gang”.


Thomas has more than ten years of experience in asset management and has served in Chinese and foreign investment banks, assisting private and institutional clients in dealing with transactions and asset allocation.

Currently serves as the Business Development Director of the International High Net Worth Client Department of Zhongtai Finance, dealing with client assets and family wealth planning.